Le Visionnaire

Le Visionnaire is a concert venue imagined in the context of Marseille 2013, European Capital of Culture. The idea was to create a scene where audio-visual shows would take place, where the visual performance would be equal to the acoustic. Each poster or flyer uses reinterpreted scientific schemas, showing an audio or visual phenomenon. This system offers easy variations, and an intriguing universe.

Each support contains an optical concept. Retinal persistence during a web video or visible typography through the paper of the program (as shown below).

→ Illustration of the program shows a schema of quantic physics that explains the light production of a photon. The support itself uses a visual concept with a watermarked logotype on the paper.

↓ Projections are displayed on walls in areas known for being congested during rush hours.

Flyers are illustrated by existing schemas about propagation of sound in the air, perception of sound by the eardrum and moving photons.