Miscellaneous video productions in chronological order.

After the creation of French Folks, our collective was sent on a road trip to promote the new Mini Countryman. 2017

Commissioned by Tourism Tropical North Queensland to promote their region, A Search For Disconnection is a 2:30 story about Julien and Charlene, living a one week escape in Australia. 2015

Ontario 1×1 is another campaign lead by Tourism Canada after the very first Yukon 1×1 instagram operation. The commission was to create 4 episodes featuring and portraying each photographers, and a smaller condensed film that shows the whole adventure, which is presented here. 2014

« On the road to Dawson » is a two minutes condensed montage of our trip intended to be the teaser of the main video coming later. Click here to see the page dedicated to this project. 2013